The Bright Future journey was an awe inspiring experience, full of rich visual imagery that synchronized beautifully with incredible curated music providing a richly safe environment for me to do my healing work.

The journey allowed me to slow my thoughts and process them comfortably, while discarding past grievances that had been keeping my heart shut for years. I could finally “pull the camera back” to a wider angle, and view myself and my life from an entirely new, clear and compassionate perspective.

I’ve been suffering from a lifetime of adult ADHD which had completely crippled me on every level, resulting in anxiety, depression, alcoholism, anti-depressants and lifetime prescription to Adderall which was completely ineffective and made everything worse.

Since doing the protocol I no longer need to take Adderal and have stopped drinking and no longer need to take anti-depressants.

The ability to slow down the racing thoughts has continued beyond the journey, I am able to sleep without assistance, I am no longer depressed and my ability to focus and prioritize has vastly improved.

It is like this protocol loosened the knots my mind and gave me mental breathing space to better cope with challenges and life in general.

This may sound dramatic but the truth is that doing this protocol with Bright Future has completely changed my life, and I am deeply grateful!

D R Vancouver, B.C.

I had no idea what to expect when I did my first journey with Bright Future. During the medicine I experienced the most beautiful, heartfelt and profound love that I previously could never have imagined was possible! What I came away with was a deep knowing and re-membering that I WAS the love that I was experiencing. During the journey this love was imprinted into every part of my being and it has remained and stays with me every day now. The beautiful, supportive and safe space that Paul and Naomi created allowed me to journey deeply and profoundly into my own beingness. I am so grateful. Thank you!

S W Vancouver, B.C.

The Bright Future Protocol for me was a magical experience! Within the profound container of safety and care, I was able to more let go of my limiting part of self. I experienced a level of freedom I hadn’t previously felt throughout my mind and my body. The gift of peace from that time is still palpable in me now.

SH Vancouver, B.C.

A few minutes into my journey facilitated by Bright Future, I knew it my life would never be the same. Problems and conflicts that previously seemed insurmountable melted away as I was whisked away to a higher place of love and knowing- a place where I was assured everything was unfolding exactly as it is to be. The setting was perfect- the guides exceptional. A truly magical experience- one that has stayed with and continues to show the way.

TD Bowen Island, B.C.

I must say I was a bit nervous going on this journey, probably a bit more of an experience than I have had in the past. The friendly house, practitioners and relaxed environment made me feel very comfortable. We went through some details and I was given several tablets and then guided into a comfortable room. I put on some blind folds and headphones which played fantastic mystical music. I felt the effect soon afterwards. It is difficult to describe, I tell friends it's like trying to describe the taste of chocolate. How do you do that? What I can say is that I felt light, almost floating. Issues from life seemed trivial, a big relief, weight off shoulders. I very much felt centred, capable and without ego. Very liberating. Getting a much needed perspective was very needed for me and the journey definitely provided that. The experience was not only rewarding but very enjoyable. It lasted for about 4 hours but I felt the effects for a good 24 hours. At peace, in happiness and grounded.

R W Vancouver, B.C.

First of all, I was excited to try a protocol that is currently being used to treat Navy Seals with PTST. Since Paul has studied with the creator of the protocol and is adamant that the medicine is twice lab tested, any worries about safety were alleviated and I was able to surrender to the experience from the start. I felt safe and cared for. It’s evident that Paul and Naomi have gone through great measure to create a welcoming and safe space. The room was soundproofed and cozy with a beautiful view out to the treetops. I felt like I was in a luxurious hotel bed resting for the journey. They were a great team with giant hearts and were there for me every step of the way while allowing me to have my own experience. A beautiful play list guided my journey, calming words arrived exactly when I needed them, and there was a beautiful space to land with an amazing fresh fruit salad and listening ears to debrief. The journey itself was life altering and empowering. I will carry it with me forever.

C.K. Vancouver, B.C.

My experience with the medicine journey was heart opening. I was held in a safe space and dropped into memories of my family system. I moved through a tunnel of my heart and memories of my family and chosen family were found. I was able to see clearly each person in all my relations. The amount of love I felt for each person was massive, truly beyond words to express. The medicine uncovered my shadow side, but with gentle kindness and love. It showed me areas I am to work on so I may show up in my relationships kinder and softer. The medicine offers so much love and kindness like a warm and loving hug and continues to remind me today to extend the love through an open heart.

I am forever grateful for the experience of the medicine journey. Thank you

CW Sunshine Coast, B.C.

I had a very positive experience with this protocol/journey. I felt very comfortable in the setting that was in and on the property. During the journey I had lots of feelings of love for myself and the world, saw some clarity on some topics I had going on.

Most of all it brought me to feel at peace and content of where I’m at in my life and to see what’s really important. I definitely would do more.

B.M Sunshine Coast, B. C.