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After experiencing my journey with Bright Future I have been filled with an ongoing sense of contentment and acceptance of everything happening in my life. It has helped me to accept my daily challenges as consequences of normal life and I can more easily let go of any uncomfortable feelings and emotions knowing they are not dire and will be dealt with in the fullness of time. 

In a way, this medicine gives you a "shock" which rearranges your preconceptions and opens you to new possibilities including an understanding that you may, in fact, be a beautiful healthy whole person beneath the pain you are currently experiencing.

I really hope you give this treatment your most open consideration, as I can only say that my journey was one of the most beautiful experiences of my 72 years on the planet. I wish everyone could experience this. It has given me a new-found appreciation of the love and profundity that surrounds us every minute. 

CW Vancouver, B.C.

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